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Arkansas' Masters of Illusion is a group of award-winning Arkansas magicians that have performed together since 2001 in Arkansas.  Together they provide a variety of comedy, mystery, illusions, and old fashion fun for all age groups.  They are members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world's largest magical society.  They perform in a variety of theaters, conventions, parties and other settings.



Paul Carlon has performed magic shows professionally for special events in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and California, where he performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.  As director of the Masters, Paul shows his talent as a theater specialist.  Paul performs large stage illusions, adult, and children's magic.  He has performance magic with Collin Cheesman as a duo known as Magic Fantastic for 17 years.  Paul's degree is in computer science and he has worked in public relations and as a youth minister.  Presently, he is working as dental lab technician and a motivational speaker.  Paul teaches magic in the UALR Community School of the Arts.




Bill Fulton performs throughout central Arkansas at children's and adult parties, business events and conventions. He offers a mix of storytelling, comedy, and mystery in his performance.  He often performs at fairs and birthday parties as a renaissance wizard, and he also is a motivational speaker for business and community groups.  He has a masters degree in biology, and has retired from the Arkansas Department of Education as a science education specialist after 36 years. Bill appears as Amethyst the Wizards in the Masters shows.  He designed and manages this website.  Bill is head teacher of magic in the UALR Community School of the Arts.


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Richard Knoll performs magic in some of the nursing homes around the state and at medical conventions.  Richard is a modern wizard who is known for his generosity and magical skills.  He has won a number of awards for his magic and enjoys magical competitions at conventions.  He is a retired professor at the UAMS and pharmacist.  Richard and Joey Williams perform on their own and have performed together as an illusion team for nearly five years.  Richard teaches magic in the UALR Community School of the Arts.

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Joey Williams is an award-winning stage and close-up magician.  He has performed for the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 29 Public Show and Annual Convention, Little Rock's Renaissance Faire, Museum of Discovery, The Public Theatre, and Cavalcade of Magic in Eureka springs.  Many magicians have said, "Joey is one of the best close-up magicians in the South."


Collin Cheesman has performed magic with Paul Carlon as a duo known as Magic Fantastic for 17 years.  Collin not only performs magic with the Masters' shows, he also advises the theater portion of their show and runs the lighting and sound. He has an extensive background in theater, has toured with the Arkansas Shakespeare Festival in 1996-98, and worked the lighting and sound for Arkansas Ballet, UALR, and numerous Little Rock theaters. He has a theater minor in performance and technical theatre sound and lighting.

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Derrick Rose's work entertaining Arkansas audiences started in 1987 and he shares his style of magic and illusion across the US and as a regular guest performer on KTHV Channel 11.  His experience as a performer outside Little Rock actually started as a World Famous Jungle Cruise Skipper at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Derrick can be seen performing at birthday parties, restaurants, picnics, after dinner entertainment, festivals, and private parties throughout the country.

The Masters performances are uplifting.  Audiences at your event will laugh, have a good time, and remember your convention, party or meeting for a weeks. Everyone will thank you for making your event so much fun.  See
Testimonials and Promotional Video.

Email or with your possible dates of your event, the type of stage performance
that you desire, and your phone number.  Title your messages Masters of Illusion Shows.  It is best to book early giving The Masters at least a month notice.

For an Estimate of Fees, call Paul Carlon in the evenings at (501) 776-2442 or Bill Fulton (501) 663-9380 before 7 P.M. with the following information: Your name, Your address (street address, city, & zip), Phone Number with area code, Email address, Type of stage performance, Expected number for the event, and  Date, time, and location of your event.

Videos and Individual Members' Websites

Arkansas Masters of Illusion Promo Video

Award Winning Video "Eye of the Dove"

Art of Ilusion and Stagecraft Workshop

Wizard's School

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Performance Pictures of the Masters with Special Guest Magicians

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Stage Magic At Its Best Joey Williams Paul Carlon's Time Travel
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Collin Cheesman Paul and Natalie Time Travelers At The Public Theatre
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Amethyst in Liz's Garden Richard Knoll McKenzie Carlon
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Joey Wiliams & Richard Knoll Paul Carlon & Young Magician Amethyst and Friend
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Jimmy Rhodes Amethyst Reads Minds With Plunger Bill & Natalie
VTS_01_1_010.jpg (96300 bytes) VTS_01_2_005.jpg (91996 bytes) Table.jpg (28184 bytes)
Joey Williams' Coin Magic Amethyst the Firebug Richard Knoll Floats a Table
Metal Bending.jpg (35949 bytes) VTS_03_2_004.jpg (147307 bytes) VTS_01_3_009.jpg (71184 bytes)
Amethyst Bends Steel Rod Joey & Richard's Dove Act Jimmy Rhodes Does Zig Zag
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Jimmy Rhodes Derrick Rose Comedy Act UALR Magic Classes

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